About Us

Who are we ?

Our mission at G-CREDO, a Global Credentialing Office and the world's first certification boards aggregator, is to bring together all the globally recognised and respected certification bodies under one roof, and assist them in establishing a credentialing infrastructure. Make use of our experience to gain useful insights that will help you stay on top, in the credentialing space. We partner with world class certifying bodies and assist you in the administering of their certification exams.


G-CREDO’s vision is to be the largest certifications aggregator enabling ease of business for certification providers and training institutes through smart technology solutions.


G-CREDO’s mission is to create a transparent business environment through smart technologies and processes to enable ease of business between certificate providers and training institutes

What do we do?

We help in establishing the criteria to define your professional abilities, and then provide you with a certification program which is tailored to help you achieve your goals. By partnering with us, accreditation and credentialing organizations, as well as certifying boards, can benefit from our comprehensive end-to-end services in the administering of their certification exams.

  • We comply with Global Standards
  • We provide a globally recognised credentialing system that is consistent with industry standards.

  • Credentialing from beginning to end
  • We assist organizations and clients in establishing an end-to-end credentialing framework.

  • Certifications, specific to the industry
  • We offer certifying exams that are based on the skillsets required by the evolving needs in today’s industry.

    We, as a company strive for excellence in administering tests and assessments, while functioning as a liaison between the institute and the certifying body.

  • E-certificate
  • After successfully clearing the exams, we will provide the electronic certificate from the respective board.